April 12th & 13th, 2016 | Boston, MA
Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Day 1

8:00 AM

Welcoming Remarks (Breakfast)

Pat Smith

8:40 AM


Riley Crane: Physicist, Entreprenuer, and DARPA Network Challenge Winner

9:30 AM

Lennox CSCMP Presentation

Keith Nash

It’s not easy rebuilding a supply chain “on the fly”. But that’s what Lennox did when they migrated to a hub and spoke omni-channel distribution network.  The good news was that this project enabled process & physical distribution strategy implementation that increased service levels, reduced fulfillment cycle times, working capital, and logistics costs while they grew 70%. In fact Lennox recently won an award for supply chain innovation at the annual CSCMP annual conference in September, 2015 for the initiative. This is the story they presented to garner that award.

10:30 AM

The Predictive Commerce Journey

Joe Shamir

Predictive Commerce helps companies maximize growth and accelerate business performance by connecting upstream demand sensing with downstream supply chain planning and execution - all in a single model. In this session you'll see how using advanced analytics and machine learning can reinvent the way companies think about managing customer demand and supply chain performance and deliver business value.

11:15 AM

Case Study: Inventory Planning in the Face of Uncertain Supply

Rebecca Roberts

Planning inventory is not easy for businesses that sell products the second time around.  Especially for businesses with high seasonality.  This was the challenge faced by a used car dealership group.  Sure they can sell every F150 they can get their hands on - - but what do you do when demand outstrips supply and you have only 3 months of prime selling?  Betting on the wrong product means inventory can sit on the lot for months. This session sheds light on how to plan for inventory planning with uncertain supply – and maximize your revenue.

12:00 PM

Instant Replay is Like an Golf-Swing Analyzer For Your Supply Chain

Enrico Liverani

Imagine a “golf swing” analyzer for your supply chain. In this session you’ll experience how Instant Replay allows supply chain planners to play back and visually observe supply chain behavior under difference scenarios. This can provide a quick comparison of different outcomes and identify the driving factors.

CPG/Omni-Channel/Retail Track

1:30 PM

Demand Signal Repository Introduction

Jennifer Beckett and Pat Smith

Are you doing everything you can with your POS Data? This session explores the partnership between ToolsGroup and Retail Velocity that brings together Retail Velocity’s Demand Signal Repository (DSR) with ToolsGroup’s Demand Sensing Analytics. The partnership provides a much needed “single version of the truth” for a demand-driven supply chain. Companies taking advantage of DSR can reduce forecast error and bias, thus lowering inventory levels by a conservative estimate of 10 percent.

Aftermarket Parts and
Industrial Manufacturing Track

1:30 PM

E2E Planning and Performance

Stefan de Kok 

Planning in isolation increases the risk of errors and expense. Taking an end to end approach to planning and creating a flexible/dynamic system to manage information is the key to success 

2:15 PM

Case Study: TBD


Details coming soon!

2:15 PM

Case Study: Supply Chain Excellence Through Demand and Inventory Optimization

Brian McClaren

Aliaxis is a global company with 80+ manufacturing sites, 120+ distribution centers and 20+ companies.  In 2012 they piloted a supply chain transformation project that netted significant improvements to their operation.  In 2014 Aliaxis kicked off a global project to extend the pilot to all locations.  This session talks about the approach, challenges, and outcomes of this initiative

3:30 PM

The Holistic Demand Management Approach

Stefan de Kok

In this session you'll see how taking a holistic approach to understanding demand pays dividends for the supply chain. Why?

Demand-driven networks enable companies to be flexible in applying a variety of levers to optimize performance—including pricing, incentives, to promotions—to stimulate demand for their highest margin products and to maximize business with their most profitable customers.

3:30 PM

Making the Right MEIO Trade-Offs

Eugenio Cornacchia

There is unprecedented visibility available over the extended supply chain. Taking a holistic approach to Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) can lead to dramatic improvements in terms of both lower inventories and increased service levels.

Most MEIO solutions, however, rely on traditional methodologies that, in order to reduce the complexity of multi-echelon systems, arbitrarily apply a series of questionable simplifying assumptions. This often leads to unrealistic models and misleading conclusions. In this session you will learn more about the complex trade-offs that need to be properly modeled and the huge risks related to solutions where this is not done properly.

Day 2

9:00 AM

Product Roadmap and Q & A

Enrico Liverani

This interactive session will feature our product team and their vision for the future of the supply chain and give you a chance to share features / capabilities you'd like to see in supply chain planning tools

9:45 AM

How to Get Smarter with Demand Planning Intelligence

Ben YoKell

Are this year’s forecast performance targets based largely on last year’s results? Or, even worse, did setting them rely more on the art of negotiation than any real science around what is possible for your demand? How forecastable is the demand for each of your product lines and markets, and what does “good” look like given your go-to-market strategy and customer ordering behavior?  

This session shares Chainalytics’  Demand Planning Intelligence service, an unbiased, market-based data visualization approach that  transforms the way demand planning can be measured and managed. 

10:45 AM

Think You Are Ready For The Millennials?

Ann Grackin
Today about half the world’s population is under 25.  They are already making their presence felt—at work, in politics and as consumers.  And more are coming. There will be another billion added to the planet in the next ten years!  In this session we will first try to understand them. Then we will talk about how we can benefit from their drives and passions to innovate… and to capture them as our customers, too.  

Extended Sessions

1:00 PM

Vertical Deep Dive: Ecommerce / Omni-Channel and it's Impact on the Supply Chain

Ratna Ramani, Hank Saiia, and James Cooke

Ecommerce is no longer the new kid on the block when it comes to retailing - but the changes if has placed on supply chain leaders required a fresh approach to running an efficient operation. In this extended session we'll walk through a number of cases shedding light on this aspect of the supply chain

1:00 PM

Vertical Deep Dive: Demand Shaping Using Non-Traditional Inputs

Pietro Peterlongo

Forecasting has evolved over the years from spreadsheets, to analytics, to machine learning. With each evolution there has been changes in what and how data is used to drive value. In this session we will talk about how the growing influx of non-traditional inputs - such as promotional attributes, media advertising, weather forecast - are redefining how we sense and shape demand. This is the key to achieve profitable supply chains in a big data world.

1:00 PM

Vertical Deep Dive: The Evolution of S&OP

Ajay Roy and Enrico Liverani

The concept of S&OP has been around since the 1980’s. For many years the level of innovation has been stagnant – as business focused on other areas of improvement. Recently the increase in supply chain complexity has led to a growing level of uncertainty and demand volatility. As a result, there is an urgent need to achieve better alignment between financial and corporate objectives. In this extended session we’ll walk through this history and show you what is possible to accomplish though today’s technology.